Child Care

Harvey Park Child Care

Children enrolled in preschool, Pre-K or kindergarten may use childcare before and after class time. The center opens at 7 a.m. Children have time for free-choice activities in the preschool room before being dismissed to their classes at 8:20.

Preschool & Pre-K students who need childcare combine classes at noon for lunch and nap. Students bring a packed lunch.

When kindergarten dismisses at 3:00, anyone needing childcare joins the preschool/Pre-K group. Afternoon snack is provided at 3:30. The center closes at 6:00. Afternoon childcare time includes time to play indoors and outside.

Students who use less than 3.5 hours of childcare per day are billed at the rate of $5 per hour for the time before and/or after class. Students who use more than 3.5 hours of childcare are considered full-time and pay the monthly full-time rate (which includes preschool or Pre-K tuition).

Trinity has CCAP contracts with Arapahoe, Jefferson and Denver counties.

At least 2.5 years old

7:00am – 6:00pm

1 – 5 days a week

2017 – 2018 Child Care Rates

(starting September 2017) Montly payments due by 20th of each month September through May

Full Time:

Part Time:

2 days/week = $365/month
3 days/week = $525/month
4 days/week = $710/month
Child Care In the Harvey Park Neighborhood