Pre School

Pre School In Harvey Park

Our curriculum is organized around a unique weekly theme and Bible story. An introduction to letters and numbers is included in daily activities. The morning schedule includes learning centers, whole group activities (including daily worship time), recess and time for the children to choose their own activity in the classroom.

Miss Gwen Marshall serves as the preschool teacher and director. She has been at Trinity since 1993. To learn a little bit more about her click here.

At least 2.5 years old

08:30am – 11:45am

2 – 5 days a week

17 students with 1 teacher and an assistant

2017 – 2018 Pre School Rates

(starting September 2017) Montly payments due by 20th of each month September through May

Annual Enrollment Fee:
$120 per child as new enrollee
$50 per year to re-enroll

Monthly Fee:

2-day = $220 per child per month
3-day = $310 per child per month
4-day = $400 per child per month
5-day = $490 per child per month

Before and after school care:
If you only need 3.5 hours or less a month, Child Care is $5.00/hr.
To view full time child care rates click here.

Denver Pre School